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Camphor Avenue

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Stories of adolescence are tales of unadulterated innocence; of child-hood up against the humongous odds to resist the onslaught of adulthood. The teenager has many a battles to fight -mentally and physically. It's said that a bat-tle, howsoever big or small, is best fought
as a team that is built on the strong founda-tions of bonhomie, childhood friendship and camaraderie. A foursome, of which three were together at a boarding school in the 1960s and the fourth, the anchor of the enterprise, was born much later, has come together to tell their tales. What made the four come together -- the verdant splendour of a hoary campus in the Himalayan foothills located in the Doon of Dehra -Dehradun.
All the four know how to find their way to the shade of a huge Camphor tree in an avenue lined with dark brown trunks bear-ing a green mass of leaves. The call of the Camphor trees is irresistible as the invigor-ating fragrance it emanates plays pied piper from a 92-year-old to a teenager, bringing back unbridled memories of a lively child-hood spent on a pristine campus, which later in their lives becomes a state of mind.
They have gone about telling the stories in most loving manner and would bring back memories of the boarding school to anyone who went to one. Priced at Rs 125; the book would be launched at inaugural price of Rs 100 and a special discount of 40 percent is offered to the students of board-ing schools to tell them how innocence has remained unadulterated despite the passage of a century.

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