To commemorate or not to commemorate

A leading votary of Modisattva (as in Bodhisattva) Swapan Dasgupta recently said in his newspaper column that, ‘The truth that many of Modi’s critics have been slow to grasp is that, unlike conventional politicians, the prime minister is very picky with his public symbolism. The usual Amar-Akbar-Antony symbolism preferred by Bollywood has given way to something that is less contrived and, more important, modern.’  Agreed Mr Dasgupta, the prime minister’s choice of symbolisms are very meticulous but does their operationalisation have the same degree of thoroughness.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi as of now enjoys both the electoral and the social mandate. There is no threat to the former till the next poll but it’s important that he retains the social mandate. His managers have rated BJP’s performance in Haryana and Maharashtra in public to be a grand show. But were they in keeping with the expectation of the BJP top leadership? The answer is best left to them.CRDJ president Sidharth Mishra discusses in detail the pros and cons of symbolisms being practised by prime minister. Click Here