President's prime dilemma

In times when Modi Sarkar is calling all shots, Pranab’s image managers may find it convenient to project his book in a way to suit the Prime Minister’s palate, it actually is not that clear a soup. Are Prime Minister’s expressions of reverence on several occasions for the President in anticipation that the old man would too become a Nehru-Gandhi basher? The answer to this question is not easy. Does that mean that he would remain loyal to his party and its leader family? Well if the occasion arises to give proof of loyalty, he can always forward his book which also mentions that Jaya Prakash Narayan, Indira’s principal opponent, was soon to realise that he was being manipulated by the right-wing elements in the Janata Party. Frustration with the Janata government and ill health made JP withdraw but not before he had wished Indira luck for return to office, which she did with some aplomb in 1980, Pranab Babu’s book recalls. Clicks here for full article